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Agbakoba Nneka R

Medical Laboratory Science
Nnamdi Azikwe University


She passed her HSC from Federal School of Arts and Science(1977-1979). Her post-graduation was from University of Nigeria in medical microbiology.She completed her Ph.D. in medical microbiology from  University of Ibadan, Nigeria.She has the experience of professor and asst. professor since 1984 in Department of medical microbiology.

Research Interest

Molecular Biology, Virology, Mycology 


  • Agbakoba NR, Adetosoye AI, Adewole IF, Obi CM and Enemuor SC. (2011). Prevalence of Genital Mycoplasmas in Women of Various Socio-Economic Status. International Journal of Microbiological Research 2 (2): 162-166.

  • Okwuosa, OMTB, Chukwura, EI, Chukwuma GO, Okwuosa CN, Enweani IB, Agbakoba NR, Chukwuma CM, Manafa PO and Umedum CU (2012). Phytochemical and antifungal activities of Uvaria chamae leaves and roots, Spondias mombin leaves and bark and Comretum racemosum leaves. African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 41 (Suppl.) 99 – 103.

  • Chukwuka, CP., Agbakoba, NR., Emele, FE., Oguejiofor, C. Akujobi,CN., Ezeagwuna, DA and Onwunzo MC. (2013). Prevalence of Genital Mycoplasmas in the Vaginal Tracts of Adolescents in Nnewi, South-Eastern, Nigeria. World Journal of Medical Science 9 (4): 248- 253

  • Ezenwaka, EC., Nwankwo, CU., Onuoha, PC., Agbakoba, NR. (2014). The Opinion of Practice Nurses and Dietitians on Implementing Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) in Africa and the Caribbean. International Journal of Diabetes Research 2014, 3(5): 71-77.

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