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Chinedum Charles Onyenekwe

Medical Laboratory Science
Nnamdi Azikwe University

Chinedum Charles Onyenekwe


 Prof. Chinedum Charles Onyenekwe got his MSc. and Ph.D. certificate from University of Ibadan. He also has some  work experience  research fellow in clinical trail for use of gossypol as male anti-fertility agent,supervision and Teaching of Medical Laboratory science candidates in Chemical Pathology specialty etc.

Research Interest

 Microbiology, Immunology, Clinical immunology,Vaccine Developement, Parasitology


  • Onyenekwe CC, Arinola OG, Meludu SC, Salimonu LS, Adewale IF, Obisesan AK. Malaria parasiteamia and Plasmodium falciparum specific-IgG in maternal peripheral, placental and cord circulations. J. Vector Borne Disease, 2004: 41(3-4): 72-75.

  • Onyenekwe CC, Meludu SC, Arinola OG, Salimonu LS. Relationship between P. falciparum density, haptoglobin, transferrin and packed cell volume in apparently healthy pregnant women. African J. of Biomedical Research, 2005; 8(1): 21-24.

  • Onyenekwe CC, Meludu SC, Dioka CE, Ofor US. Abnormal reproductive hormonal profiles amongst infertile married women attending fertility support laboratory. Journal of Biomedical Investigation, 2005; 3(1): 26-30.

  • Onyenekwe CC, Arinola OG, Meludu SC, Adewale IF, Obisesan KA. Neutrophils ingestion rate of nitroblue tetrazolium in asymptomatic pregnant women with malaria parasiteamia. Journal of Biomedical Investigation, 2006; 4(1): 19-22.

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