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Menkiti Matthew Chukwudi

Chemical Engineering
Nnamdi Azikwe University


I am an experienced academic and creative researcher with team spirit and “can do attitude”. I possess skills in process design, environmental impact assessment of production processes and application of relevant software. My major area of research anchors on water treatment processes, management and engineering design, in addition to raw material development and utilization. My academic experiences have exposed me to taught and practical courses, editorial and reviewing services to world class journals. I also possess soft skills like quality time management, good interpersonal relationship and communication skills and good leadership quality.

Research Interest

Environmental Management, Water treatment, Chemical engineering,


  • Menkiti, M. C., Ejimofor, M. I., Ezemagu, I. G., & Uddameri, V. (2016). Turbid-Metric Approach on the Study of Adsorptive Component of Paint Effluent Coagulation Using Snail Shell Extract. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 1-17.

  • Menkiti, M. C., Ezemagu, I. G., Nwoye, C. I., & Ejimofor, M. I.(2016) Post-treatment sludge analyses and purification of paint effluent by coag-flocculation method. International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering, 1-15.

  • Menkiti.M.C, Anaehobi, H.C, Onukwuli,O.D (2016). Kinetics and parametric study of transesterification synthesis of biolubricant from melon-based methyl esters. Biofuels 1-12. doi10.1080/17597269.2016.1163212.

  • Menkiti, M., Ezemagu, I., & Okolo, B. (2016). Perikinetics and sludge study for the decontamination of petroleum produced water (PW) using novel mucuna seed extract. Petroleum Science, 13(2), 328-339

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