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Mr. Michel Hochard

Non-Executive Director


M. Hochard was appointed as a Non-Executive Director on 14 December 2009 as a nominee of MPI. M. Hochard is the chief executive officer of MPI and has held the position of administrative and finance manager of Etablissements Maurel et Prom since September 2007. He is a chartered accountant whose experience includes serving as the internal auditor for the Department of Finance of ELF Aquitaine; head of the finance division for Africa and the Middle East; and director of finance of the SNEAP, then of ELF Aquitaine production. He was also appointed a director of operations at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Research Interest

M. Hochard graduated from the Commercial Institute of Nancy, France with an ICN Diploma in 1977. In 1985, he graduated as a certified public accountant.

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