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Ude Uchenna Fabian

Arts Education
University of Nigeria


Uchenna Fabian Ude is a Lecturer/Research Fellow in the Department of Arts Education/CUDIMAC, Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. His research interests include the integration of ‘Use of Igbo’ in the Curriculum in tertiary Institutions in Igboland, Influence of dialectal phonology in learning the Standard Igbo, incorporating ‘Orunka’ in Igbo curriculum,  Teachers’ challenges and New Responsibilities in revamping Igbo Cultural and creative arts, gender influence in the production of the standard Igbo Phonology, Influence of location in learning the standard Igbo Phonology, “Igwe” leadership tussle in Igbo land, particularly in South-East of Nigeria. He is a lecturer in the department of Arts Education and a supervisor of BA (Ed) Undergraduate students. He has taught in Secondary School and a part-time lecturer in some Colleges of Education in Enugu State. He has published articles in some journals.

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Language Education (Igbo

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