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Budiastuti Sumilak Wening

Vice Chairperson Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundatio
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Budiastuti Sumilak Wening, or known as Ning Anhar, 71 years of age, is the Vice Chairperson of Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia/YKPI (Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation/IBCF). She is a breast cancer survivor herself for these last five years and known for her spirit in developing breast cancer awareness programs for Indonesian women.Her fight against breast cancer has inspired her to create cancer prevention and support acts through the Foundation as a nonprofit organization for healthy living and social responsibility, focusing on breast cancer prevention, support and training.  

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When the Foundation was established in 2003 it was known as Yayasan Kesehatan Payudara Jakarta/YKPJ (Jakarta Breast Health Foundation). In January 2015, the Foundation changed its name to Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia/YKPI (Indonesia Breast Cancer Indonesia/IBCF) and expand its mission to provide breast cancer awareness and promote early detection to women all over Indonesia.The Foundation is the only Breast Cancer Foundation in Indonesia which provides free breast screening through its Mobile Mammography Unit to women communities in Jakarta and its surroundings.  

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