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Oddveig Gikling-bjørnå

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Oddveig Gikling-Bjørnå was elected to 1. be in charge of the annual meeting in 2014, but met this year. Elected as a member in 2015. She operates beef and veal production on ammeku and bought calves and also has a little egg production on the farm. Gikling-Bjørnå has been in Nortura since 2012, including which AU leads in central Norway. In the period from 2004 to 2011 she was in the board of Nordmøre and Romsdal Felleskjøp and was chairman of the board from 2008. Since 2015, in the board of Norges Bondelag on behalf of Nortura. She is a graduate economist from the University of Nord-Trøndelag.

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