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Arwa A. Alhinai

Modern College of Business and Science


After receiving a Masters degree in Modernities from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in 2010, I joined MCBS as part of the General Education Department in 2011. I have taught Composition and World Literature. I am deeply passionate about literature and have developed two courses to be taught as part of the department’s courses – Introduction to Literature, and Introduction to Literary Studies. In addition, I am teaching Introduction to Public Speaking.  

Research Interest

I am very interested in doing research in the field of literature as I believe it is a vital part of every student’s life and my aim is to be able to help them learn how to write, analyze, and to think critically. As for myself, I want to teach English; to unravel the exquisiteness of literature. I want the future generation to see what I see - how words can tell the story of life.

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