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Youssef Touhami

Associate Professor
Department of Engineering
Sohar University

Youssef Touhami


Dr.  Youssef Touhami  is associate professor at Sohar University . His work deals with Chemical Engineering Thermodynamic, Unit Operations, Chemical and Biochemical Reaction Engineering and Wastewater Treatment Processes.

Research Interest

Chemical and Biological Process Modeling and Simulation


  • Hayet C, Youssef T, Hédi S, Moktar H (2011) Optimization of Tunisian wastewater treatment plant the Kélibia case. Sustain.Environ.Res 1 pp : 65- 72.

  • Galai S , Touhami Y, Marzouki MN (2012) Response surface methodology applied to laccases activities exhibited by Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia AAP56 in different growth conditions. BioResources 7(1), 706- 726.

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