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Abdulrahim Al-ismaili

Assistant Professor
Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering
Sultan Qaboos University


Dr. Abdulrahim Al-Ismaili is an Assistant Professor for Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering in the Sultan Qaboos University

Research Interest

Controlled Environment Agriculture, Renewable techniques for agriculture, Efficient irrigation methods


  • Al-Ismaili A.M.; O. Badr and E.K. Weatherhead. 2010. Validation of Halasz’s non-dimensional model using cross-flow evaporative coolers used in greenhouses. Biosyst Eng 107: 86-96.

  • Al-Ismaili A.M. 2014. Irrigation water production via a system of solar stills-cum-greenhouse evaporative cooler. J. Agr Mach Sci 10 (1), 79-82.

  • Al-Ismaili AM. and Jayasuriya H. 2016. Seawater Greenhouse in Oman: A Sustainable Technique for Freshwater Conservation and Production. Renew Sust Energ Rev 54: 653-664.

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