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Baby Shaharoona

Assistant Professor
Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering
Sultan Qaboos University


Dr. Baby Shaharoona is an Assistant Professor for Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering in the Sultan Qaboos University

Research Interest

Dr. Baby Shaharoona is a soil microbiologist and working on the development of microbial biotechnologies for sustainable agriculture and environments. Particularly, she is interested in recycling of organic wastes, use of compost and biochar as soil amendments, bioremediation and using soil microorganisms for increasing crop yield under water and salinity stress conditions. She is also interested in the characterization of the microbial communities in urban soils.


  • Al-Busaidy, A., Shaharoona, B, Ahmed, M. 2015. Heavy metal concentrations in soils and date palms irrigated by groundwater and treated wastewater. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Pak. J. Agri. Sci. Vol. 52(1) 129-134.

  • Imran, M., B. Shaharoona, D.E Crowley, A. Khalid, S. Hussain and M. Arshad. 2015. Evaluating stability of textile azo dyes in soil and their effect on microbial phospholipids fatty acids profile. Ecotoxicology and Environment Safety. 120:163-168

  • Imran, M., M. Arshad, A. Khalid, F. Negm, B. Shaharoona, S. Hussain, D. Crowley, 2016. Yeast Extract Promotes Decolorization of Azo Dyes by Stimulating Azoreductase Activity in Shewanella sp. Strain IFN4. Ecotoxicology and Environment Safety.124-42-49.

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