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Hemesiri Kotagama

Assistant Professor
Natural Resource and Economics
Sultan Qaboos University


Hemesiri Kotagama is an Assistant Professor  of the Natural Resource and Economics Department in Sultan Qaboos University

Research Interest

Food security, Agribusiness modelling, Environmental valuation and benefit cost analysis, Social equity  


  • Kotagama, H.B., A.J.T. Al Alawi, H. Boughanmi, S. Zekri, H. Jayasuriya, M. Mbaga (2013) Economic Analysis Determining the Optimal Replanting Age of Date Palm, Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Volume 18, Pages 51-61.

  • H. Boughanmi, A. Shammakhi, M. Mbaga, and H.Kotagama (2014) Evaluation of the 2006-2008 Food Crisis on Household Welfare: The Case of Sultanate of Oman, Economics Research International, Article ID 581638, 7 pages

  • Kotagama, Hemesiri, Mushtaque Ahmed & Mansour Al-Haddabi (2015) Cost evaluation of desalination and sewage treatment based on plants operated in Oman and use of software models, Desalination and Water Treatment, DOI:10.1080/19443994.2015.1027274

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