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Isam Kadim

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Sultan Qaboos University


Isam Kadim, Ph.D is a professor in the department of  Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Research Interest

Fundamentals of Nutrition, Poultry Production, Animal Nutrition


  • Ibrahim, G.A., Nour, I.A., Al-Maqbali, R., and Kadim I.T. (2016). Effect of age on concentrations of nutrients in four muscles of Sudanese dromedary (Camelus dromedaries) camel. Journal of Applied Animal Research, (In press).

  • Kadim I.T., Al-Faris, A.A. and Alhusseiny, R. (2016). Effect of age and cooking on quality characteristics and nutritive value of camel (Camelus dromedarius) longissimus thoraces muscle. Journal of Medicxal Science and Clinical Research, 4: 9748-9757.

  • Magsood, S., Manheem, K., Abushelaibi, A., and Kadim, I.T. (2016). Retardation of quality changes in camel meat sausages by phenolic compounds and phenolic extracts. Animal Science Journal (in press). doi:10.1111/asj.12607

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