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Ismail Mohd Al-bulushi

Assistant Professor
Food Science and Nutrition
Sultan Qaboos University


Ismail Mohd Al-Bulushi is an Assistant professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutition in the Sultan Qaboos University   

Research Interest

Marine bacterial ecology and potential, Gram-positive bacterial ecology in sub-tropical marine fish, Gram-positive bacterial spoilage and biogenic amines formation potential, Media and growth requirements of Gram-positive bacteria, Bacteriocins and biopreservative potential of marine bacteria, Genotypic and phenotypic techniques in bacterial identification, Marine fish safety, toxicity, freshness and spoilage, Fish products developments, Microbial and chemical properties of traditional foods


  • Darmanto, Y. S., Agustini, T. W, Swastawati, F. and Al Bulushi, I. 2014. The effect of fish bone collagens in improving food quality. International Food Research Journal, 21(3), 891-896.

  • Al Kharousi Z.S., Guizani N., Al Sadi A.M., Al Bulushi I. M., and Shaharoona B. 2016. Hiding in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Opportunistic Pathogens May Cross Geographical Barriers. International Journal of Microbiology, Volume 2016, Article ID 4292417, 14 pages.

  • Al Kharousi N, Al Khusaibi M., Al Bulushi I., Guizani N., Waly M. and Rahman M. 2016. Physico-chemical Characteristics and Oxidative Stability of Date-Pits Oil during Storage at Different Temperatures. International Journal of Food Engineering. Published Online: 2016-02-16

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