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Mumtaz Khan

crop sciences
Sultan Qaboos University


Mumtaz Khan, Ph.D is an Associate Professor in the department of Crop Science

Research Interest

Use of waste water, deficit irrigation and salinity management in sustainable crop production, To understand abiotic stress tolerance mechanism in horticultural crop plants, Disease free nursery production system in horticultural crop plants, To develop sustainable greenhouse vegetable production system, Soil and soilless vegetable production, Exploitation of new crops to cropping system in Oman, Value addition to horticultural products, Organic agriculture


  • Ahmed, Tauseef Tahir, Muhammad JafarJaskani, S. Ahmed, Qumer Iqbal and Raziul Hussnain (2015). MORPHO-PHYSIOLOGICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL RESPONSE OF CITRUS ROOTSTOCKS TO SALINITY STRESS AT EARLY GROWTH STAGE. Pak. J. Agri. Sci., 52(3), 659-665.

  • Mazhar Abbas, M.M. Khan, S.M. Mughal, P. Ji (2015). Comparison of infection of Citrus tristeza closterovirus in Kinnow mandarin (Citrus reticulata) and Mosambi sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) in Pakistan. Crop Protection, 78 146-150.

  • Muhammad Asif Hanif, Ahmed Yahya Al-Maskari, Jamal Nasser Al-Sabahi, Ibtisam Al-Hdhrami, Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Ahlam Al-Azkawi, And Abdullah Ijaz Hussain. (2015) Chemical characterisation of bioactive compounds in Medicago sativa growing in the desert of Oman. Natural Product Research. 29 24, 2332–2335.

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