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Sergey Dobretsov

Associate Professor
Marine Science and Fisheries
Sultan Qaboos University


Sergey Dobretsov is an Associate professor as well Head  of the Department of Marine Science and Fisheries in the Sultan Qaboos University   

Research Interest

 Biofouling and interactions between microbes and invertebrates larvae.


  • AL-Kharusi S, Abed RMM, Dobretsov S, 2016. Changes in respiration activities and bacterial communities in a bioaugmented oil-polluted soil in response to the addition of acyl homoserine lactones. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation. 107: 165-173.

  • AL-Kharusi S, Abed RMM, Dobretsov S, 2016. EDTA addition enhances bacterial respiration activities and hydrocarbon degradation in bioaugmented and non-bioaugmented oil-contaminated desert soils. Chemosphere. 147: 279-286

  • Sathe P, Myint MTZ, Dobretsov S, Dutta J. 2016. Removal and regrowth inhibition of microalgae using visible light photocatalysis with ZnO nanorods: A green technology. Separation and Purification Technology 162: 61-67

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