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Sergey Piontkovski

Associate Professor
Marine Science and Fisheries
Sultan Qaboos University


Sergey Piontkovski is an Associate professor as well Head  of the Department of Marine Science and Fisheries in the Sultan Qaboos University   

Research Interest

Aquaculture, Fisheries


  • Piontkovski S.A., M.Claereboudt, and S.Al-Jufaili. 2013. Seasonal and interannual changes in epipelagic ecosystem of the western Arabian Sea. International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography, 7, 2: 117-130.

  • Al-Hashmi K., S.Smith, M.Claereboudt, S.A.Piontkovski, and A.Al-Azri. 2015. Dynamics of potentially harmful phytoplankton in a semi enclosed bay in the Sea of Oman. Bulletin of Marine Science 91: 141-166.

  • Piontkovski S.A., A.Al-Maavali, W.Al-Manthri, S.Smith, and E.Popova. 2015. Mesozooplankton of the Omani shelf: taxonomy, seasonality and spatial distribution. International Aquatic Research, 7: 301-314.

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