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Talal Al-shukeili

Assistant Professor
Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering
Sultan Qaboos University


Dr. Talal Al-Shukeili is an Assistant Professor for Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering in the Sultan Qaboos University

Research Interest

Precision agriculture, Optoelectronics, instrumentation and control, Robotics, Power and machinery, Renewable energy, Bio-energy, Autonomous vehicles, Machine vision, Spectroscopy of biological materials


  • Linus U. Opara, Seif S. Al-Adawi and Talal Y. Al-Shukeili. 2004. Students’ perceptions and attitudes towards Agricultural Engineering education in the Sultanate of Oman. Part 1: Academic program selection. World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education Vol.3, No.1, 2004, pp.143-146.

  • Al Shikaili, T.Y.2007. Non-contact measurement of soil moisture content using thermal infrared sensor and weather variables. MSc Thesis, Univ. of Saskatchewan.

  • Al Shikaili, T.Y.2015. Development of an attenuated total reflection infrared sensor for the measurement of neutral lipids in microalgae. PhD dissertation, Texas A&M University.

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