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Yaseen Ahmed Al-mulla

Associate Professor
Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering
Sultan Qaboos University


Yaseen Ahmed Al-Mulla is an Associate Professor of the Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering Department in the Sultan Qaboos University

Research Interest

Development of Controlled Environment Agriculture in Oman, Application of Near-Real Time Monitoring Systems for Irrigated Agriculture in MENA


  • Al-Mulla, Y. A., D. R. Huggins, C. O. Stöckle. 2014. Modeling the Emergence of Winter Wheat in Response to Soil Temperature, Water Potential and Planting Depth. Transactions of the ASABE, 57(): 761-775. (IF 201: 0.84)

  • Al-Busaidi, H.A. and Y. A. Al-Mulla*. 2014. Crop Water Requirement Inside Conventional Versus Seawater Greenhouses. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 1054:7-79 (*corresponding author)

  • Al-Mulla, Y.A., S. Siddiqi, , I. McCann, M. Belhaj and H. Al-Busaidi. 2015. Integrating New Technologies into the Effective Planning of Irrigation Schedules Towards Efficient Water Use and Minimum Loss. Acta Hort. (in press).

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