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 Taiba is one of the leading healthcare distribution and marketing companies, with head office in Muscat - Sultanate of Oman. taiba started as retail pharmacy 1980 in Muscat. Within few years taiba expanded and opened more branches and by the end of 1989 our retail branches reached nine outlets. A new era for our company began in early 1990s, when the company went into several organizational restructuring The new management of taiba diversified the business into two new segments the Hospital critical care division and the Consumer care division.

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 The hospital and institutional division is our core business within the past 10 years we managed to be one of the leading product and service provider in this line, we are enjoying a very strong tie with our customer, and we have established the following section to serve them; The Therapeutics division, Medical system Division, Diagnostics and Radio-pharmaceutical Division, and medical consumable Division.

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