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Dr. Anil K. Philip

University of Nizwa


I believe teaching is an art; while nobody’s born a teacher, we strive towards achieving excellence. Do I believe in societal education? Yes, I do. I believe that teaching is one of the primary ways of achieving it. The information we gather as researchers and practitioners are valuable when shared. Teaching is not about having a regular monologue session; it`s a dialogue session. When you teach, you interact with students. This makes the subject interesting as it helps the students to share his thoughts on it. I try to bring energy to the class. If I can’t do that, why should I expect my students to be energetic? As a teacher, I have a moral responsibility of teaching my subject and satisfying my student’s query. I believe one should not avoid a student’s query but should solve the query in a manner they understand, and try not to confuse them. Over the years, my teaching methods have changed to adapt the postgraduate and undergraduate scholars all having different mindsets and learning abilities. However, a common feature was the more I interacted with the students, the more they learned. My teaching aim has been in developing the concept behind a particular topic. For this, I use visual aids, flash presentations, and doodle videos, especially when teaching junior classes. Giving creative assignments helps to preserve the student’s interest on the subject. A five-minute revision of the previous class, a brief topic introduction, and ending remarks in the last five minutes are some of the methods; I have followed successfully. I believe teachers could play an important role in a student’s learning curve.

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