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Dr. Kadhim Ahmed Mohammed Al Leheabi

Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
University of Nizwa


Received B. Sc. (Physics) - University of Mosul (IRAQ) – 1975, , B. Sc. (Computer Science) - University of Mosul (IRAQ) – 2004, M. Sc. (Low Temperature Physics Technology) – Sussex University (U.K.) – 1981 , Ph.D. (Computational Solid State Physics) – Southampton University (U.K.) – 1985 .. His research Interests are Applied / Experimental Physics , Computational Condensed Matter Physics , Electrical and Magnetic Properties in Condensed Materials ,Thermoelectric Effects in Condensed Materials , High Temperature Superconductivity, Thermal Properties (Specific Heat, Thermal Conductivity,….) , Material Sciences , Programming Languages , Synthesizing and Studying the structural electrical, Magnetic, and Thermal Properties of Magnetic Ferries (Nano-Scale). and Materials.

Research Interest

Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

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