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RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS Selected Journal Articles Miah Md. Dulal, and Sharmeen, K. 2015. Relationship between capital, risk and efficiency: A comparative study between Islamic and conventional banks of Bangladesh, International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, Vol. 8 (2): 203-221. DOI: Miah, Md. Dulal, and Hosen Zakir. 2014. Property Rights in the Perspective of Law and Economics: An Analysis, Journal of the Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Vol. 5 (2): pp. 119-129 Miah Md. Dulal. 2014. Testing Weak-from of Efficiency of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, Bank Parikrama, A Journal of Banking and Finance, Vil. XXIX (1&2): 77-99 Miah, Md. Dulal. 2014, The Development Discourse in the Context of Bangladesh: A Critical and Analytical View, AIUB Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 11 (1): 1-27 Miah Md. Dulal, A.K.M. Kamrul Haque. 2013. “Systemic Weaknesses of Japanese Relationship Capitalism: Evidence from the Case of Livedoor”, World Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 3 (4): 195-211 Miah, Md. Dulal, Ashfaq A. Mohib. 2013. “Informal Institutions as Constraints to an Active Market for Corporate Control: The Case of Japan”, Asian Journal of Business Management, Vol. 5 (3): 291-299 Miah Md. Dulal, Subha Lal Banik. 2013. “Testing Week Form of Efficiency: The Case of Dhaka Stock Exchange” International Journal of Financial Services Management, Vol. 6(3): 219-235 Miah Md. Dulal. 2012. “In Quest of Judicial Independence for Protecting Private Property: Evidence from South Korea”, Asian Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 3 (1): DOI: 10.1515/2154-4611.1055 Miah, Md. Dulal. 2011. “The Issue of Property Rights in International Trade: Evidence from Case Analysis of South Korea and Bangladesh, AIUB Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 10 (1): 65-87 Suzuki, Y. and Miah, M. D. 2010. “The Civil Unrest as an Obstacle toward Financial Development in Georgia: 1991-2007”, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Vol. 43:425-438 Suzuki, Y. Miah, M. D. Manjula, K. 2010. “Civil War and Financial Underdevelopment: The Case of Georgia with Special Reference to Sri Lanka” Ritsumeikan International Affairs, Vol. 8:31-56 Suzuki,Y. Miah, M.D. and Jinyi,Y. 2008. “China’s Non-Performing Bank Loan Crisis: The Role of Economic Rents”, Journal of Asian Pacific Economic Literature, Vol. 22(1): 57-70 Aremu, F. and Miah, M.D. 2008. “Institutional Constraints and Economic Backwardness: Evidence from Nigeria and Bangladesh”, Nigerian Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 34 (2):29-48 Miah, Md. Dulal, 2006. “An Institutional Approach to Understanding Success and Failure in Economic Development: The Cases of South Korea and Bangladesh”, Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies, Vol. 21: 97-123 Book Chapter Miah, Md. Dulal. and Suzuki, Y. 2012. “Alternative Vision of Incomplete Property Rights”, In Y. B. Choi (ed.), Institutional Economics and National Competitiveness, Routledge Pp. 200-216 Guest Editor International Journal of Financial Services Management, Special issue on “The Future of Islamic Banking” Vol. 7, No.3/4 (with Suzuki Yasushi) Working papers and research reports Miah, Md. Dulal. 2005. “Corporate Governance in Japan: Some Implications for Bangladesh”, Unpublished Masters Thesis, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Miah, Md. Dulal. 2006. “The Rise and Fall of Livedoor”, Case Prepared for Ritsumeikan Center for Business Case Education Miah, Md. Dulal. 2006. “In What Process is the Chinese Bank-Centered System Evolving? Studies on Bank Rent Effects in China”, Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies Working Paper no. 06-03 Miah, Md. Dulal. 2009. “Property Rights, Institutional Failure and Economic Development: the Case of Bangladesh”, Unpublished PhD Dissertation, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Conference Presentation Miah, Md. Dulal, Nisar, Ahmed., and Kashfia Sharmeen. “Economic Institutions of Corporate Governance: A Comparative Study between the Bank-based and Market-based Systems”, paper presented at 9th Asian Business Research Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 20-21, 2013 Miah Md. Dulal and Kashfia Sharmeen. 2013. “Relationship between Capital, Risk and Efficiency: A Comparative Study between Islamic and Conventional Banks in Bangladesh”, paper presented at 9th International Conference in Islamic Economics and Finance, Istanbul, Turkey, held on 9-10 September 2013. Yasushi Suzuki, and Miah Md. Dulal, 2013. “Theory of Justice Seeking: An Analytical Perspective of Rent-seeking”, paper presented at Six Universities Annual Conference, Mexico held on 31st October, 2013 Miah Md. Dulal. 2013. “The Systemic Weaknesses of Japanese Relationship Capitalism: Evidence from the Case of Livedoor”, Paper presented at 7th Asian Business Research Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh, held on January 21-22, 2013. Miah Md. Dulal, Suzuki Yasushi. 2009. “Alternative Visions of Incomplete Property Rights”, paper presented in Institutions and National Competitiveness, Seoul National University, Korea, held on August 19-20, 2009 Miah, Md. Dulal. 2008. “The Issue of Property Rights in International Trade: Evidence from Case Analysis of South Korea and Bangladesh”, paper presented in International Conference on Issues in International Trade, Environment, and the WTO System, Nakamura Gakuen University, Fukuoka, Japan, held on August 25th, 2008 Miah, Md. Dulal 2008. “Incomplete Property Rights Under Political Uncertainties: A Critique of the New Institutionalist View”, paper presented in The 4th Annual Meeting of the Asian Law and Economics Association, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, held on September, 27-28, 2008 Kuhara, M. and Miah, M. D. 2005. “Designing Economic Institutions in East Asia: Implications from US and Japan”, paper presented in An East Asian Community? Global and Regional Dynamics, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Beppu, Japan, held on November 26-27, 2005 Reviewer of Academic Journals 1. International Journal of Financial Services Management 2. AIUB Journal of Business and Economics 3. Ruhuna Journal of Management and Finance

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