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Dr. Sadri Abdullah Said

University of Nizwa


I seek to facilitate a process that place the learner in a balanced way on the road of advancement of knowledge, that encourage students to be inquisitive in issue of contemporary relevance and prepare them for a rapid changing future in the world globalized village. My way in the classroom, seminar or laboratory sessions is to encourage rational thinking in solving the present problems and how to transfer the gained knowledge in resolving other unfamiliar situations. I emphasize on capacity building that helps the learner to channel chemical concepts in facing the challenges of the real world in biomedical and diseases control arena. My approach is to place the student at the center of learning while facilitating the best mutual agreed methods between us to achieve our intended learning goal. Hence, I encourage questioning and discussion that will help us together to develop the basic concepts and principles while solving those questions. Obviously, most of this process will be difficult in to be carried within the normal specified classroom time, it is usually facilitated during seminars and laboratory settings. Furthermore, among essential elements of my teaching philosophy is to help the student to develop capacity in logical arguments, thus, I always involve students in producing written documents and oral presentations. One approach under this is to facilitate critical literature review and appraisal as well as proper survey of online data bases and information.

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