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Dr. Kashif Naseer

Associate Professor
Computer Science
Bahria University


Dr. Kashif Naseer Professor Department of Computer science Bahria University Pakistan

Research Interest

Wireless Communication


  • Qureshi, K.N., Abdullah, A.H., Lloret, J. and Altameem, A., 2016. Road-aware routing strategies for vehicular ad hoc networks: Characteristics and comparisons. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks.

  • Qureshi, K.N., Abdullah, A.H. and Lloret, J., 2016. Road perception based geographical routing protocol for vehicular ad hoc networks. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks.

  • Qureshi, K.N.,Abdullah, A.H., Kaiwartya, O., Ullah, F., Iqbal, S. and Altameem, A., 2016. Weighted link quality and forward progress coupled with modified RTS/CTS for beaconless packet forwarding protocol (B-PFP) in VANETs. Telecommunication Systems, pp.1-16.

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