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Dr. Abid Ali Khan

Assistant Professor
Bio Science ,
Comsats Institute of Information Technology


Dr. Abid Ali Khan had completed his doctorate degree (as an FP7 Fellow) from University of Pais Vasco (Spain) in 2012. He performed all his research and training under an EU FP7 project, “Magnifyco”. He mainly worked in the areas of Nanobiotechnology, Targeted Drug Delivery, Nanobiotemplates, Nanomaterials and Magnetic Hyperthermia. During his doctorate Dr. Khan specifically worked on exploiting plant viral nanoscale scaffolds for the targeted delivery of anticancer drugs to human ovarian cancer combined with magnetic hyperthermia. During his Postdoc. at the Universiti Teknolgi Malaysia, he worked with tropical plant extracts evaluating their potential as theranostic and cosmaceutical agents. Dr. Khan research interests mainly revolve around the domains of Nanoscale Biotechnology and Microbiology. Currently, he is working on isolation and characterization magnetotactic microbial strains. He also works on strategies to eradicate multidrug resistance in pathogenic bacterial strains at the nanoscale. Dr. Khan has been sending proposals to various National and International funding agencies for projects in the areas of nanoparticles synthesis through natural source, targeted drug delivery using bionanoscaffolds and other nanoscale drug carrying vehicles. Along with other experts of Nanobiotechnology at CIIT, he is working to make COMSATS the leader of Nanobiotechnology research in Pakistan

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Bio Science ,

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