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Dr. Muhammad Imran

Assistant Professor
Bio Science
Comsats Institute of Information Technology


Dr. Muhammad Imran, Assistant Professor at COMSATS Islamabad Campus, has received doctoral degree from Université de Lorraine (France) in the domain of Nano-Biotechnology & Food Safety. He has research experience at international superior research centers (LIBio-ENSAIA, LSGC, LCPME, SCMEM, LEM, Fac. de Medicine, Lipidomix, URAFPA…) in France, NIFSAT in Pakistan and Department of Biochemistry of membranes in Netherlands. He is regarded among the pioneers, who have initiated NanoBiotechnology research to control food-borne illness outbreaks in Pakistan. Currently, he is employing novel Nano-Biotechnology concepts for applications in Microbiology (applied, clinical), Nano Drug Delivery Systems (pharmaceutical/cosmaceutical), Food Safety (food-borne illness associated pathogens, nano-active packaging), Nano-medicine (multi-drug resistance related diseases), Biochemistry (protein, biopolymer) and controlled release modeling work. Dr. Muhammad Imran has more than 83 Cumulative Impact Factor by scientific articles published in international journals

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