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Nadir Nawaz Jaffer

National Insecticides Company (Pvt.) Limited


 NADIR NAWAZ JAFFER - DIRECTOR  Having worked for 15 years in the field of Information technology, Nadir has recently joined Jaffer Group as Director into the Board of Directors. His professional background includes business management, sales, consulting, as well as design and implementation of enterprise systems architectures for financial services firms like JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse as well as venture capital backed startups. Prior to joining the Jaffer Group, Nadir was a founder and CTO of OpenCrowd, a design and technology services firm based in New York that is geared to implementing cutting edge solutions to financial services and startups. Nadir graduated from Columbia University in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Systems. As the director of the company, Nadir is now actively involved in all aspects of Jaffer Group affairs focusing on overall business, growth and strategic direction. Choosing to return to Pakistan after 18 years abroad, Nadir very much looks forward to bringing his rich experiences home.

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