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Sohail Manzoor

Disease Diagnostic Laboratories, Multan Division
University of the Punjab


I am interested to scrutinize articles purely regarding Biological studies and Microbiological nature. My area of research is related to Veterinary sciences especially covering the non-epizoogtolgical aspects containing biometry and genetics. Presently I am working on Strangles vaccine and Mastitis. My aims are related to the provision of reliefs to humanity. Furthermore my interest is to convey my thoughts to the common readers in simple and easily understandable language regarding improvement in services to humanity by inducting biological research novelties for the benefits to humanity on this earth crust. The humans on this earth are in great need indeed to get rid from the artificial foods or natural foods grown on fertilizers and in the present of intensive organophosphate sprays and animal protein containing lot of residues of drugs. My aim is the provision of organic food to the humanity of and provision of organophosphate free fodders to livestock on this earth crust.

Research Interest

His research interest includes Veterinary sciences, non-epizoogtolgical,Strangles vaccine and Mastitis

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