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Maria Cecilia Pastor graduated in Odontology, DDS from Faculty of Odontology of Catholic University Santa Maria, Arequipa, Peru. She is a Specialist in Dentistry Legal and Forensic Science, Orthodontics and an Expertise in Dentistry. She is the Area Coordinator of Peru WAWFE. She is the Vice President of The Peruvian Association of Forensic Dentistry (APOFOR), Active Member of The Peruvian Society of Legal and The Forensic Dentistry and Criminology, The Argentina Society of Legal Dentistry (SADOL), The Forensic Dentistry Iberoamericana (SOFIA), The International Association for Orthodontics and The Paulista Society of Orthodontics, Brazil (SPO). She is also the Founder and President of The International Group for the Study of the Dentistry EUROAMERICA

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Forensic Science & Criminology

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