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Liberato V Laureta

University of Phillippines


Liberato V Laureta is a Professor of College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at University of the Philippines Visayas. He completed his MS in Aquaculture at University of the Philippines, the premier learning institution of the country, and PhD in Life Sciences (Marine Biology) at University of Liverpool in England. Being involved in research for many years, he published several papers in international and national peer-reviewed journals. His greatest contribution to science is the publication of the book entitled “Compendium of the Economically Important Seashells in Panay, Philippines” which has become reference for students of marine biology, fisheries, aquatic fauna or similar areas of study starting from high school to college. Fortunately, this book had been awarded as outstanding book in the field of Natural Science by two prestigious science institutions in the country. Currently, his research work focuses on “The development of suitable technologies for the hatchery and nursery operations of the Philippine green mussel Perna viridis”.

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