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Joanna Ida Sulkowska

University of Warsaw


Working as a professor at University od Warsaw, Poland. Completed his PhD in Chemistry. Affiliations, positions   From 01.2013 University of Warsaw, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Chemistry, From 07. 2012 University of California San Diego, USA, Visiting Associate in the Biochemistry Group, Host: Prof. Patricia Jennings 07-12 2012 University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry, Poland, Research position 03. 2008 – 07. 2012 University of California San Diego, USA, Postdoc in the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, Advisor: Prof. Jose Onuchic 01. 2008 - 03. 2010 Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics Assistant Professor (mostly on leave of absence) 09. 2003 – 12. 2007 Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics PhD student in the Biological physics group, Advisor: Prof. Marek Cieplak 06-07, 10. 2005 Iowa State University, USA, Visiting Researcher in the Bioinformatics Group, Host: Prof. Robert Jernigan 01 – 10. 2002 Laser Center Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, Visiting Researcher, Advisor: Prof. Christoph F. Schmidt

Research Interest

coarse-grained modeling and multiscale modeling of proteins and their complexes prediction of protein structure: from comparative modeling to de novo folding simulations of protein dynamics prediction of protein interactions/ molecular docking bioinformatics and biological statistics computer aided drug design/ structure-based drug design modeling and predicting of biomacromolecular interactions: prediction of protein function development of software for molecular modeling and computational analysis of experimental data on biomacromolecules

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