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Paweł Krysiński

University of Warsaw


Working as a professor at University od Warsaw, Poland. Completed his PhD in Chemistry. Scientific carrier 2012 – current           Full-time professor 2004 – 2012               Assistant professor 1991 – 2004               Adiunct (with DSc), Faculty of Chemistry, University of                                    Warsaw 1980 – 1991               Adiunct, Lab. of Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry,                                    University of Warsaw 1979 – 1980               Senior Assistant, Lab. of Electrochemistry, Faculty of                                    Chemistry, University of Warsaw 1976 – 1979               PhD student, Lab. of Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry,                                    University of Warsaw

Research Interest

Charge transfer, energy transduction and molecular electronics in molecular film assemblies (e.g., self-assembled monolayers on a conducting support, hybrid alkanethiol/phospholipid bilayers, bilayer lipid membranes (BLMs) and phospholipid bilayers tethered to a conducting support) This research has the objective getting the insight into the workings of biomembranes and design and development of systems capable of biosensing, storing and transducing energy at the molecular level. Other area of interest covers functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles with organic molecules affecting their magnetic properties and applications. One of the current research is the attachment of drugs and/or “vector” molecules to the surface of SPIONs (Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles) for targeted drug delivery in the external magnetic field. Also, core modifications with “soft” radionuclides with simultaneous “internal” radio- and magnetothermal therapy.

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