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M. Fatima Reis

Portland State University


PhD in Chemistry, Post-graduated in-Humanitarian Medicine“, Practical Epidemiology“, Health Information and Knowledge Management“.  At present  -Coordinator of the R&D Unit of the Institute of Preventive Medicine accredited by the national funding institution œ National Foundation for Science and Technology  -Head of the Environmental Health Unit of the Institute of Preventive Medicine  -Coordinator of several Environmental Health Surveillance Programs developed in Portugal in the vicinity of solid waste incinerators  -Scientific advisor of several MSc and PhD dissertations in Environmental or Occupational Health  -Coordinator of research teams and the Principal Investigator of several research projects in Environmental or Occupational Health  -Coordinator and the Principal Professor of the first Course of Environmental Health organized and implemented under her responsibility in the Lisbon Faculty of Medicine  -National Coordinator of the European COPHES and DEMOCOPHES Projects.   

Research Interest

Environmental Health and its determinants, in order to understand the relationships between Environment and Health, particularly in the case of children, in contexts where health is worsened, improved or maintained. This way, as a scientist, I assume the commitment to contribute to guarantee the basic human right to a healthy environment, for those who are especially vulnerable and who have less power to influence decisions. The research essentially comprises the first stage of life and focuses mainly on health effects and on the associated environmental factors, namely on reduced doses of chemicals that are frequently lower than those considered being safe in known or accepted pathological mechanisms. Occupational Health Determinants, namely those related to the quality of the physical environment (vg, tobacco smoke, nanoparticles), the social environment (vg, night work) and the psychosocial environment (vg, occupational situation, health, social support).    

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