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Ana Cristino

University of Lisbon


In 2004, he undertook a professional training in the field of materials chemistry, where he developed studies in the field of concrete degradation by expansive chemical reactions, such as alkali-silica reaction and forms of inhibition by the addition of industrial by-products, in particular fly ash. He specialized in analytical techniques of great interest for the evaluation of the behavior and mechanism of concrete degradation by expansive chemical reactions, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy, expansion tests, scanning electron microscopy, compressive strength tests, among others. In 2005 he did advanced training in the same area of ​​research, the area of ​​materials chemistry, to obtain the master's degree. In 2009-2014 he developed his PhD project in the area of ​​Technological Chemistry, where he studied the liquid-vapor balance of binary water-alcohol mixtures. On the other hand, it evaluated its results by means of correlation with existing data in the literature and by the prediction of properties through computer simulation programs that apply the SAFT equations. In 2015 he initiated research in the continuation of his PhD but focused on Liquid Equilibrium Vapor of ternary mixtures using the same method in Flow and in the study of densities as a means of determining the compositions of the phases of these systems. Also in 2015 she began as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry assisting in the chairs of Thermodynamics and Transport and Chemical Processes (Biology).

Research Interest

Liquid-vapor equilibrium (ELV) of binary and ternary systems involving alcohols, water and ionic liquids High temperatures and pressures Densities of binary and ternary systems Studies of Miscibility of mixtures Construction and dimensioning of ELV appliances

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