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In year 1999 Dr. Bassem graduated from Tishreen University in Latakia the Syrian City holding the degree of First Class Honours in all of his studying years, then completed a postgraduate diploma at the University of Damascus in 2005 after he became member of the teaching staff of the University in the Department of Periodontology in 2001, and later finished his research for a master's degree in 2008 in dental implants. During that he acquired a long experience as a specialist dentist and general practitioner through his work in the clinics of the Ministry of Health and in his private clinic in Latakia and The Teachers Association Medical Center in Damascus, as well as cases and surgeries that has participated in or supervised treatment in the department of Periodontology at the University of Damascus and Tishreen University and the private International Syrian University. As well as his experience in teaching, where he worked as a lecturer and supervisor on the clinical and theoretical aspects of his field of speciality in Tishreen University and the University of Damascus and the Syrian International University. He holds a work authorization in Germany since 2003 and a member of the German Society for Oral Implantology DGZI, the International Association for Dental Research IADR, and the Syrian Society for Dental Research SSDR. He followed advanced courses in dental implants, bone grafts, and periodontal surgeries on a variety of implant systems mainly Nobel Biocare, Straumann ITI, Anthogyr. In addition to other courses in various dental specialties and LASER. The experience Dr. Bassem Hmiedan and equipment available in the surgery unit at the Art Dental Polyclinic, enable him to do distinct Treatments, including: Simple and complicated dental implant operations, using a 3D X-ray to develop an accurate treatment plan. Bone augmentation for cosmetic reasons or in preparation for dental implant or after extraction. Gingival plastic surgeries in cases of gingival enlargement or gingival recession. Gum Surgeries using LASER in cases of gingival enlargements, small tumors, and ligaments malposition. Gum bleaching using LASER.

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