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Balabis Ahmed Marzougui

Sustainable Development
Hamad bin Khalifa University


Dr. Merzougui joined Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), one of HBKU's three national research institute, as a principal scientist to work in the area of electrochemistry and electrochemical flow systems. Currently, Dr Merzougui has a joint professor position at HBKU to teach and mentor students in the field of electrochemistry and electrochemical technologies.

Research Interest

Advanced flow battery electrode: Flow battery system is a device like any other batteries. However, flow battery has the capability to decouple the power and energy by storing the energy in external tanks, rather that in the battery box. The size of tank determines the energy capacity. Energy is stored in form of chemical redox systems. These redox systems undergo electrochemical reactions at the surface of the electrodes. Electrodes in flow battery box are based on carbon fibers. So, development of an advanced electrode that can help to increase the flow battery performance as well as to reduce the overall cots is needed.


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