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Muammer Koc

College of Science & Engineering
Hamad bin Khalifa University


Prior to his appointment as a founding professor of sustainability at HBKU in 2014, Professor Koç held professor, director, chair and dean positions at different universities in Turkey and the USA between 2000-2014. He has a Ph.D. degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Ohio State University (1999) and an Executive MBA degree from the University of Sheffield, UK (2014).

Research Interest

Sustainable energy: renewable/green technology and energy efficiency development by leveraging the multi-scale advanced manufacturing technologies for cost-effective, efficient and robust realization of micro-structured surfaces on large areas. He is particularly interested in 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and Nano/Micro-manufacturing research that incorporates design, materials, manufacturing, integrated predictive tools, and product validation under actual performance conditions for renewable energy application such as fuel cell, fuel processors, micro-reactors .


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