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Nouar Tabet

College of Science & Engineering
Hamad bin Khalifa University


He is professor of Sustainable Development, College of Science & Engineering at Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qutar.

Research Interest

Solar Cells, Nano materials, Defects in semiconductors and oxides,Thin films, Synchrotron based spectroscopies, XPS, UPS, XANES, Photoluminescence (PL, RTPL), Electron Microscopy, EBIC,CL, Advanced analytical Techniques (SIMS,WEDS, AES...)


  • Fahhad H Alharbi, Sergey N Rashkeev , Fedwa El-MellouhI, Hans P Lu ̈thi , Nouar Tabet, and Sabre Kais "An Efficient Descriptor Model for Designing Materials for Solar Cells” npj Computational Materials, 2015

  • Umer Mehmood, Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein; Khalil Harrabi ; Nouar Tabet; Golib Berdiyorov “Enhanced photovoltaic performance with co-sensitization of ruthenium (II) sensitizer and an organic dye in dye-sensitized solar cell” RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 7897 – 7901

  • T. Kirkpatrick, C.B. Simmons, A.J. Akey, N. Tabet, J.C. Grossman, T. Buonassisi. “The effect of embedded nanostructures on the built-in electric field of a-Si:H p-i-n devices” J. Appl. Phys. 119, (2016) 194501

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