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Deanna Rasmussen

Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts
Texas A&M University at Qatar


Deanna has spent 20 years in North Africa and the Middle East, in Morocco, Egypt, and Qatar. At the American University in Cairo, she co-founded the university’s undergraduate research conference (EURECA) and journal. She also developed an online Research Writing course and a hybrid English course for young learners in the Moscow public school system. Prior to teaching, Deanna wrote and edited articles for a California newspaper. She is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Her areas of interest include technology in education, literacy, and rhetoric.

Research Interest

Deanna joined the Texas A&M University at Qatar faculty in 2011. She is the STLC Foundation English Coordinator, and teaches STLC Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Grammar as well as ENGL 104. Deanna started the Extensive Reading program in Foundation English and is currently working on instituting ePortfolios in the curriculum.


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