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Dragomir Bukur

Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University at Qatar


​A multiple award winner for furthering knowledge in his field, Dragomir Bukur's research interests are in the areas of gas (or coal)-to-liquids technology, applied catalysis and multiphase reaction systems. He has authored or co-authored more than 130 publications and has made more than 170 presentations at national and international conferences.

Research Interest

Dr. Bukur's areas of research are: Chemical reaction engineering and catalysis, Conversion of natural gas- (coal- or biomass-) derived synthesis gas to transportation fuels and chemical feedstocks via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, Catalyst synthesis and testing in fixed bed and stirred tank slurry reactors, and catalyst characterization by a variety of physico-chemical methods. Engineering aspects of multiphase reactor design and scale-up, including kinetic modeling of complex reactions.


  • Ma, W., Jacobs, G., Keogh, R., Bukur, D. B. and Davis, B. H., “Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Effect of Pd, Pt, Re, and Ru noble metal promoters on the activity and selectivity of a 25%Co/Al2O3 catalyst”, Applied Catalysis A, Vol. 437-438, 1-9 (2012).

  • Bukur, D.B., Pan, Z., Ma, W., Jacobs, G. and Davis, B.H., "Effect of CO conversion on the product distribution of a Co/Al2O3 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalyst using a fixed bed reactor", Catal. Letters, Vol. 142, 1382-1387 (2012).

  • Todic, B., Bhatelia, T., Froment, G.F., Ma, W., Jacobs, G., Davis, B.H. and Bukur, D.B., “Kinetic Model of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis in a Slurry Reactor on a Co-Re/Al2O3 Catalyst”, I&EC Research, Vol. 52, 669-679 (2013).

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