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Ghada Salama

Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University at Qatar


Prior to joining Texas A&M University at Qatar's Chemical Engineering department in 2006, Ghada Salama held a post doctorate research grant with the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) main office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Research Interest

​Her research focuses on engineering education.


  • Wilson, R., Salama G., and Farag I.,:" Microalgae Growth in Qatar for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Biodiesel Feedstock Production" Global Journal of Researches in Engineering Vol. XII, 2012

  • Al-Qahtani, H., Aqeel S.,Barnieh H.,Gouba A.,Hjeij D.,Salem M.,Zourob,M.,Ahmed, B., Salama, G.,Kerr, T. : An investigation Into the Preparation of High School Students to Pursue an Engineering Career", Sixth International Forum on Engineering Education 2012 Proceedings, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2012

  • Salama, G., and Ahmed B.,: "Spelunking the Engineering World; Analyzing the Impact of the Use of Visualization to Introduce Students to Real World Engineering Applications" 2013 Proceedings at the International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences Academic Conference, Bergen, Norway, June, 2013

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