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Luc Vechot

Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University at Qatar


Dr. Luc Véchot obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne (France) in 2006. He then joined the Fire and Process Safety Unit of the Health & Safety Laboratory in Buxton (United Kingdom) where he held the positions of Process Safety Engineer.

Research Interest

Dr. Vechot has focused his researches on: Exothermic reaction hazards and calorimetric hazard screening techniques, Runaway reactions and adiabatic calorimetry, Pressure relief design applications for untempered peroxide systems, Accidental releases of water reactive chemicals.


  • L. Véchot, W. Minko, J.-P. Bigot, M. Kazmierczak, P. Vicot, 2011, Vent sizing: Analysis of the blowdown of a hybrid non tempered system, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Volume 191, Issue 1-3, pp 8-18

  • Cruse H., Buston J., L. Véchot., Tickle G., Rowlands R., 2011, Modelling spills of water-reactive chemicals, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Volume 89, Issue 6, pp 415–423

  • Olewski, S. Nayak, O. Basha, S. Waldram and L. Véchot, 2011, Medium scale LNG-related experiments and CFD simulation of water curtain, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Volume 24, Issue 6, pp 798-804

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