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Marcelo Castier

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Texas A&M University at Qatar


Dr. Marcelo Castier teaches courses on thermodynamics, numerical methods, separation processes, and process design. His research focuses on the development and application of thermodynamic models, new algorithms for computing thermodynamic equilibrium, energy integration, and applications of thermodynamics to chemical process safety. Dr. Castier's interest in advanced computational applications has led to the development of Thermath, a software for the automatic implementation of complex thermodynamic models. He is also the author of XSEOS, a freely available educational software for Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics.

Research Interest

As leader or participant of several national and international collaboration groups, Dr. Castier's current research interests are: Thermodynamic models for confined fluids: adsorption, Applications of thermodynamics to process safety, Equations of state for non-electrolyte and electrolyte systems, Energy integration in chemical processes, Reactive distillation, Development of educational software (download page of the XSEOS package).


  • Castier, A. Basha, R. Kanes, and L.N. Véchot. Discharge of non-reactive fluids from vessels. Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, accepted for publication, 2016.

  • M. Castier. Effect of side streams on supersonic gas separations. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, accepted for publication, 2016.

  • G. D. Barbosa, L. Travalloni, M. Castier, and F. W. Tavares. Extending an equation of state to confined fluids with basis on molecular simulations. Chemical Engineering Science, 153:212–220, 2016.

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