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Perevezentsev Sergey Vyacheslavovich

Department of the history of socio-political doctrines
Moscow State University
Russian Federation


He was born in 1960 in the village. Tuchkovo Ruzsky district of the Moscow region. In 1982 he graduated from the History Department of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute (now - Moscow State Pedagogical University). After graduation he worked as a history teacher at the school. Since 1985, the main activity is related to the publishing business. He worked at the publishing house Molodaya Gvardiya, then as deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine Novyi Roman-gazeta, first deputy editor-in-chief of the editorial and publishing house "Roman-gazeta XXI Century". Since 2004, part-time teaching at the Department of History of Social and Political Studies of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. Since 2010 - Professor of the Department of History of Socio-Political Studies of the Faculty of Political Science of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. In 1990 he defended his thesis on the theme "Ideological sources of the historical and philosophical views of VN Tatishchev. A comparative analysis of the historical and philosophical concepts of S. Pufendorf, H. Wolf and V. N. Tatishchev. " The topic of the doctoral dissertation, defended in 1999, is "The historical destinies of Russia in the works of Russian thinkers of the 11th-17th centuries." Since 1995 - a member of the Writers 'Union of Russia, since 2004 - co-chairman of the Board of the Writers' Union of Russia. Winner of literary awards. EF Volodin (2002), them. N.M. Karamzin (2003), the All-Russian Literary Prize "Alexander Nevsky" (2005), the Great Literary Prize of Russia (2010), the Literary Prize "Prokhorov Field" (2012), and the Association of Book Publishers (ASKI) "Best Book 2001 Year "," The best book of 2004 "," The best book of 2005 ", the award" Triumph "of the International Contest" The Art of the Book "(2004), the Rosarkhiv Award (2010, 2012). The author of more than 40 scientific, educational, scientific-artistic and art books, more than 400 articles. Author, co-author, compiler or scientific editor of 12 educational and methodical publications for higher education. Co-author of a line of textbooks on the history of Russia for grades 6-11 of general education institutions.

Research Interest

history of socio-political doctrines, the history of philosophy, the history of Russia, the methodology of historical knowledge


  • Perevezentsev S. V. "Clever Making" of the Monk Nil Sorsky // Bulletin of the Moscow University. Series 12. Political Science. - 2011. - No. 4. - P. 63-72.

  • Perevezentsev S. The patient wants to recover // Philosophy of economy. Almanac of the Center for Social Sciences and the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. - 2007. - No. 1. - January-February. - P. 53-63.

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