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Agandeev Evgeny Abramovich

System Engineering
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


1973 - graduated with honors from the Saratov Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Automated Control Systems. 1973- 1976 - worked at the IPN in the following positions: engineer, Art. engineer. 1976 - 1979 - studied in graduate school of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Moscow). 1980- 1988 - worked in the SPI in the positions of the head of the training laboratory, the head of the computer department of the ACS FET & P department. Since 1982 , part-time 0,25 stakes, senior lecturer, associate professor of the Department of System Engineering. 1988- 2001 - worked as the head of the Information and Computing Center of the SSTU - managed the creation and development of the material and technical base of the ITC, the development of subsystems of the ACS-HIGH SCHOOL, the transition from "big" EU computers to personal ones, the association of PCs into local networks and the creation of the first university network, faculty UVL, the organization of the channel of access to the Internet through the network RUNNet. He took an active part in the creation of the Volga Regional Center for New Information Technologies (PRCNIT) in Saratov on the basis of two universities - SSU and SSTU. Over a number of years, he combined the main work with the position of the head of the department in this center. He was the head of the development of a number of Internet sites, including the Soros Foundation grant project (the electronic catalog of the Saratov State Art Museum named after AN Radishchev), the executor of a number of projects, in particular, the creation of an information network of educational, scientific and industrial a complex of electronic branch of the Saratov region, a server "Innovative economy of the Saratov region". He has extensive experience in practical informatization in the field of science and education, the introduction of information technology, the development of information systems, the implementation of projects to create databases, small business information network in the scientific and technical sphere of Russian universities. In combination, 1997 to 2005 , the director of the Volga Regional Information and Analytical Center for Small Business and Innovative Entrepreneurship (PRIAC) "Informbiznes" of the SSTU), was a responsible executor of more than 10 research projects on federal target programs. 2001- 2005 - worked as the head of the department of information technologies and intellectual property of the DSTU of the SSTU. 2005- 2008 - worked as director of the Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Intellectual Property SGTU (TTC and KOIS), participated in the creation and development of the TTC and KOIS, organizing exhibitions SGTU on more than 15 international and national exhibitions, including in China 2006year. Coordinator of the Gate2RuBIN project in the Saratov region, aimed at establishing an international scientific and technological partnership of Russian scientific organizations and companies with European research organizations and companies. More than 90 developments of the SSTU and the Saratov region are presented in Russian (RTTN) and international networks (European business support network -EN), 36 expressions of interest to developments from Russian and more than 10 European organizations have been followed. Since 2008 , he has been working as deputy director of CTT & IOIS concurrently. Since 2013 - the senior teacher of the department "Systemotechnika" 0.5 rates. 2009 - 2010 - took an active part in organization of works in the SSTU under the program "UMNIK" of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Business Support in the scientific and technical sphere.

Research Interest

System Engineering 


  • Agandeyev EA, Kazakova NV - Russian and foreign information networks of technology transfer and foreign experience of technology transfer from science and industry (on the example of Great Britain) // All-Russian scientific and practical conference "Internet Technologies for Public Service": Collection of materials. Saratov: SSTU, C.93 -100

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