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Artyukhov Ivan Ivanovich

technical sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


1976 - graduated with honors from the Saratov Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Automation and Telemechanics. He began working in the laboratory of transforming engineering as an engineer. 1982 - defended his thesis at the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute under the guidance of Professor II. Kanter, the founder of the Saratov school of transformational technology. The thesis was devoted to the development and investigation of stabilized autonomous current inverters with improved mass-scale parameters. 1984 - elected to the post of Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Equipment. 1986-1988 - Acted as Deputy Dean of the Energy Department for scientific work. 2000 - defended his dissertation "Frequency converters and complexes for centralized power supply of technological equipment at elevated frequencies" for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences at the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI), specializing in "Electrotechnical complexes and systems". The scientific adviser was the honored worker of a science and engineering of the Russian Federation, the doctor of technical sciences, the professor А.С. Vasiliev. 2002 - awarded the academic title of professor. 2002-2014 - he headed the department "Electricity supply of industrial enterprises" of Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A. He is the chairman of the dissertation council D 212.242.10 at SSTU named after Gagarin Yu.A. and a member of the Dissertation Council D 220.061.03 at the Saratov Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov. He is a member of the board of the educational and methodological association of higher educational institutions of Russia for education in the field of energy and electrical engineering. Prepared for defense 7 candidates and 1 doctor of science.

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technical sciences

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