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Atamanova Olga Viktorovna

technical sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


1984 - graduated from the Kirghiz Agricultural Institute. K.I. Scriabin faculty of water reclamation, engineer-hydraulic engineer, specialty "Hydromelioration". 1984-1985 - engineer of the anti-erosion land design department of the Institute "Kyrgyzgiprozem". 1985 - engineer-designer (hydraulics) of the Instrument-Making Plant named after. 50th anniversary of the Kirghiz SSR (Bishkek). 1988 - post-graduate student in the full-time form of training of the Kirghiz State Agricultural Academy named after. K.I. Scriabin. 1992 - defended a thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences on the topic "Development and investigation of hydraulic stabilizers of water flow type" Cylindrical stepped box shield "(CSSCH)", specialty 06.01.02 - "Melioration, reclamation and land protection." 1993 - senior lecturer of the Department of Geodesy and Graphics of the Kirghiz Agricultural Institute. K.I. Scriabin. 1994 - Associate Professor of the Department of Land Management and Geodesy of the Kyrgyz Agrarian Academy, and then the Kyrgyz Agrarian University. K.I. Scriabin. 1997 - awarded the academic title of Associate Professor on the specialty "Melioration". 2003 - defended a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences on the topic "Improving water distribution systems with hydraulic water flow stabilizers", specialties: 05.23.07 - "Hydrotechnical construction" and 06.01.02 - "Land reclamation, land reclamation and protection". 2007 - on the basis of re-attestation, was awarded the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation. 2004 - Professor of the Chair of Hydraulic Engineering Construction and Water Resources of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (KRSU). In 2013, awarded the academic title of professor in the specialty "Construction". 2010 - Head of the Chair "Hydraulic Engineering Construction and Water Resources" KRSU. 2014 - Professor of the Department "Ecology" Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A. Since 2008 - is a corr. The Academy of Problems of Water Management Sciences of the Russian Federation. Prepared for defense two doctors and two candidates of science. He is a member of the dissertational council in the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. He is a member of the editorial board of the "Scientific Journal of the Russian Research Institute of Melioration Problems".

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