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Borovskikh Ulyana Valentinovna

Technical Sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


1984 - graduated with honors (diploma G-1 No. 351505) SPI on the specialty "Automation and complex mechanization of machine building", qualification - engineer-electrician 1984-1988 - NITI Saratov position engineer engineer 1985 - retraining courses Saratov branch of the Central Institute for Advanced Training for the course "Basics of machine design" No. 0626 dated April 19, 1985 1988 - engineer of intercollegiate vibro-acoustic laboratory of SPI. 1989 - assistant of the department "Resistance of materials". 1991 - 1994 - post-graduate course of SPI, specialty 01.02.04 "Mechanics of deformable solids". 1994 - defense of the master's thesis 1995 - awarded the academic degree of Ph.D. (kt No. 004476) 1994 - Assistant of the Department of TMM 1996 - awarded the academic title of assistant in the department "Theory of mechanisms and parts of machines" No. 1073 order No. 45-ok 06.03.1996, associate professor of the department of TMM. 1998 - awarded the academic title of associate professor in the department "Theory of Mechanisms and Machines" DC No. 007779 No. 285-d of 22 04 1998. 2009-2010 - Head of the SDB of the SSTU. 2012 - Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region for many years of conscientious work, successes in the training and education of highly qualified specialists). Order No. 262 of 8.10. 2012 2013 - Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for many years of fruitful work on the development and improvement of the educational process, a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists No. 591 / k-n order of 15 07.2013

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