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Borshchov Alexander Sergeevich

Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


1980 - defended his thesis. Since September 1980 he has been working at the Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A., he has passed the way from the assistant to the director of the Institute of Social and Production Management. At all positions he showed such qualities of a leader as dedication, exactingness, responsibility, organizational abilities, creative approach to business. It is respected by students, teachers and university staff. 1992 - defended a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Since 1992 he is the head of the department "Philosophy". As the head of the department, he contributed to the creation of a team of highly qualified specialists, including 6 doctors of science who successfully carry out pedagogical, educational and scientific activities. Employees of the department developed and published textbooks and teaching aids (including in central publishing houses), which are recognized by students and the pedagogical community. Under the leadership of A.S. Borshchova Department "Philosophy" makes a significant contribution to scientific work. On his initiative, the postgraduate course is open at the department. 1994 - awarded the academic title of professor. Since 1998 , he is the director of the Institute of Social and Industrial Management . The Institute of Social and Production Management, created with his direct participation, is a large educational institution, which includes 3 faculties and 13 departments. In 2016 a number of structural changes occurred and at present the Institute of Social and Production Management includes 7 departments. Highly qualified specialists, among them more than 30 Doctors of Sciences, provide training for students in humanitarian and economic specialties focused on specific areas of production. A.S. Borshchov actively contributed to the opening of new, promising specialties and directions that are in demand by society. 2005 - created one of the largest museums in Russia - the radio museum of the SSTU , which is the center of educational, methodical, scientific and educational work at the university and the region. He is an expert on problems of development, determinism, methodology of science, responsible editor of more than 30 intercollegiate collections, including the annual "Problems of Philosophy, History, Culture", "Man in the Sociocultural World". He prepared 6 post-graduate students for defense, currently he is the scientific supervisor of 3 post-graduate students. He is a member of several dissertational councils and organizer of regional, Russian and international scientific conferences. Annually takes part in the development and implementation of federal and regional scientific and technical programs, grants, international educational projects. Over the past 3 years, as a responsible executive, he has participated in the implementation of 6 grants under the target programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

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